About me

Hi everyone 🙂

My name is Ruth Green and I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand. I am a Roman Catholic wife and mother and have been home schooling my children since 2011. My children are “Sunshine” 9yrs old, “Master Luke” 6yrs old, “Curly Sue” 4yrs old,”Fuzz” 2yr old and “Munchkin” due early Aug 2014. This blog is a chance for me to share with you what we learn in our journey of homeschooling, our journey of faith & life and our journey parenting Highly Sensitive children. I have found so many inspiring women and men out there on the blog world who have given me great encouragement through their many adventures. I pray that this blog may in turn inspire others in their journey to embrace the mission God has given them and experience PULCHRA DOCTRINA… Beautiful Learning!


Ruth 🙂

ps. I love to get to know other bloggers! So please feel free to introduce yourself in a comment below so I can come visit you 🙂

My beautiful family!

My beautiful family!



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