The Rhythm of Life

So here we are, one year after I started this blog and the rhythm of life continues to shift and change, ebb and flow through my busy life as wife and homeschooling mum 🙂

Life has been so transient for us in the last two years, shifting house three times and spending 2 months in America over this past Christmas. Once again I’m surrounded by things to unpack  and trying to sort through screeds of odd puzzles pieces, “precious” drawings, odd socks and miscellaneous metal objects that somehow always end up together in the bottomless box of “bits”.

But my four troopers have found their rhythm in all this upheaval.

Week One: Everyone is unsettled, grumpy, stubborn and generally behaving in a way that causes an already overwhelmed mummy to consider packing them in the empty boxes and shipping them off 🙂

Week Two (which we are in now!): Smiles are more frequent, toys and precious objects can be found more readily, sleep is less interrupted, the garden has become a new territory to explore, the bookcase is unpacked so Sunshine can be found curled up on the couch and mummy is feeling her roots starting to take hold!

My hat is off to my kiddos! Change is something that most children struggle with. Throw in a couple of Highly Sensitive kids, a 3 year old and a mischievous 21 month old monkey and we could have a recipe for disaster, but save for a few understandable melt downs,  they have shown me they know how to ride the changing tides of our life like the pro’s! No matter where we are or what we have been through they pick up where they left off eventually and away they go…

We start our mornings off slowly as I have been reluctant to rise early this week, sensing the exhaustion my body is experiencing after travel, shifting, cleaning and unpacking. I’m greeted in bed with cuddles from my two babies and hear the sound of pencil to paper as Master Luke draws furiously at the dining room table. Sunshine is my late riser, but once up, gets herself breakfast, dressed and ready (there is a fair chunk of time needed here! :)) and eventually meanders through to the dining room, school work in hand and sets herself up :). The next few hours pass “quietly” with all four munchkins usually busy at the table, drawing, writing, creating…. learning :). On days when I am up early, and feeling full of energy, the pace is usually more intense and I find Sunshine & Master Luke completing any book work that is set by 9am!! I would love to say this is all to do with my organisation, but I must give credit where it is due, and the credit lies with Master Luke. At 5 1/2 he has a drive for learning and is eager to practice his writing, maths, reading etc. first thing in the morning. His enthusiasm and pace therefore drive our daydreaming Sunshine to accelerate a fraction more 🙂

What this then leaves me with is a day free to follow any whim, question or discovery that comes our way!

Today that was a mixture of things….

…. chalk blending on the concrete outside…. how orange peels are a part of Great Granddad Jacks childhood…. a beetle rescuing mission…. a centipede that joined us for lunch…. making a house out of the orange peel for the centipede….. discovering the centipedes old skin (I didn’t know they molted!!)…. digging in the dirt down the side of the house…. reading science books about biology & astronomy…. drawing, drawing and more drawing…. reading, reading and more reading…. discussions about Church and the Pope….. watching a documentary on insects….


So that seems to be our current rhythm, and it works… but it also makes me think…

No matter what the rhythm of life is, whether it be crazy frantic or slow and monotonous, the key to riding it successfully is a solid foundation. A foundation not on physical location such as a house or material objects, but a foundation based on Faith, Hope and Love!

Faith, that God knows the plans He has for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm.

Hope, that what ever trial we may face in the moment, we will see good if we persevere.

And LOVE… a love that is not based on feeling and emotion, but a choice to give all that we have to those God has placed in our lives! A love that helps us to embrace daily sacrifices for the good of others. A Love that lifts us up on It’s wings and helps us to see glimpses of the Divine in the smallest jobs of our day. A Love that unifies Husband and Wife, so that our children have a solid foundation to grow on.

This foundation doesn’t have an address, but a face 🙂


Ruth xxx




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