St John Bosco Academy

It’s a beautiful, rather hot summers day outside and I’m inside.

I should be regretting the waste of such a day outside in the garden.

But instead, I’m gazing at piles of books, scores of scribbled-on pieces of lined paper, highlighted text here, there and everywhere, multiple to-do lists, and in my eyes this day they all seem like THE most beautiful garden!!! Before me is the potential for SUCH learning and growth! Before me lies my planning for our 2013 homeschooling year 🙂

This morning we awoke the troops and made it to Mass (even with time spare to pray beforehand!). Father announced that the feast was that of St John Bosco.

My heart skipped a beat.

What a gift!!! Here I was launching into my school planning on my own today, and the Saint for the day, was none other than the very man I wished to name our wee school after!

God knows the little details of our hearts and cherishes them!

I felt so very cherished and as I pack up my gear now to go home, I will stop into the chapel here at the John Paul II Centre for Life and say another thank you! 🙂

St John Bosco, please pray for our family as we embark on this year of learning. Please pray that we will seek God’s will always, be upholders and lovers of the Truth, have eyes to take in the beauty of God’s creation, ears to hear His word’s, hands that help and serve, tongues that give life and hearts that know wisdom!





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