“This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.”

baptism of Jesus

Imagine being there that day beside the river Jordan.

I like to imagine the heat, the dusty air, the smell of people & animals, the smell of spices and herbs lingering on the clothes of those who had just had their midday meal.

The river must have been such an oasis.

Standing in the water, a man, wild in appearance but with eyes on fire.

I imagine that John the Baptist was not an easy man to get on with.

His whole life purpose was as a light to the nations.

A mission to call people to repentance. A lonely, hard road that few choose to walk.

Crying out to those by the side of river, baptising those who had the humility to come….

He looks up and sees Him who was to come and is now asking to be baptised by him… John.

There are a lot of movie adaptions of this scene, but these are my two favorite 🙂

– The Miracle Maker (this is the baptism scene with a child’s voice over reading the scripture)

– Gospel of Matthew (the baptism is right at the end of this clip)

I love the intimacy of Christ’s baptism. Father, Son & Holy Spirit present in one moment of love and unity. What consolation Christ must have received in the touch of the Spirit and in the words of His Father.

In our parish church back home in New Zealand, the baptismal font stands in front of a depiction of Our Lord’s Baptism.

St Annes Church baptism font

When we stood in front of this image holding our precious 4 week old Curly Sue all clothed in white, I marveled at the grace of Baptism. Here was this beautiful gift that God had given us and through the Sacrament that was about to take place, she would become a member of His body, a child of the King of Heaven. There was no dove that descended or voice from heaven that day, but a great and wonderful peace… this was her first step…

Today Sunshine, Master Luke, Curly Sue and I read the account in the Gospel of Mark, and since my supplies are rather limited here in our apartment (can’t wait to be back home for schooling!), we made Q-tip paintings, using homemade stencils and Master Luke splashed out on his own! 🙂


I thank God for the gift my parents gave me in my Baptism. I pray that my children may come to truly understand the grace of theirs and as we celebrate this wonderful feast, may we too bask in the love of our Heavenly Father as Jesus did that day in the River Jordan.

What does your Baptism mean to you?




A Catholic Culture explanation of the feast

Colouring page for the kids

Links to several children’s activities about the Baptism of Christ

Catholic Toolbox activities & links for children


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