“I don’t need anything… but YOU!”

I’ve been a musing…

So many bloggers write a “thankful” post on a regular basis. This seems to be quite the thing to do, and probably has a lot to do with the type of blog and blogger I follow 🙂

Being thankful, choosing to see and count your blessings… is a POWERFUL thing!

Jamie Jo at Lord, Make Me a Saint, has often brought me to tears with her Thankful Thursday posts, not always because of what she says, but because of the choice she makes to turn trials into gifts by her gratitude!

“The joy of the Lord is my strength!”  Nehemiah 8:10

My life has been nothing less than hectic recently, hence the lack of blogging!

My amazing hubby is currently in St Cloud, MN, working on a big project… a VERY long way away from New Zealand!

He is there for 3 weeks, which means 3 weeks flying solo with four children…

and here is where the thankfulness thing comes in…

Musing today as I bustled from thing to thing, my heart was struck by a profound and enlightening truth.

Yes my life is extremely busy, somewhat chaotic, never dull and often uphill,

but it is FULL to the brim with LOVE!

These guys…

… make my life so incredibly beautiful!!!

Am I thankful?


I started to wonder as I cruised the supermarket aisles, two strapped in front of trolley, one loading groceries and one flying like a dragon… what would my life be like if hubby and I had not started our family yet?

We got married, much to some people’s concern, at the very young age of 20 (me) & 22 (hubby). He was final year engineering at university and I, well, had been planning on entering the convent, so had not committed to any future job path :). (I see what God was up to now!)

In love, passionate about God and the vocation of marriage, we were open to any life He chose to give us… and by jove He gave us life! 🙂

Sunshine in 2004, Judah (miscarried 2006), Master Luke in 2007, Curly Sue 2009 and Fuzz 2011…

My wonderful, wonderful Man has been providing for a family every single day of his working life. Never has he had a professional income that is his and his alone to spend. Right from sitting his final university exams two weeks after Sunshine was born to the factory in St Cloud, hubby has worked tirelessly to give all he can to his growing family! To this man, who holds my heart, I will be forever grateful!

But when my best friend and soul mate is away working hard, either here at home or overseas, I have a house so full of life to live in and four wee friends, as loyal as can be, to spend my days and nights with! This is the fruit of our choice for life!

I am thankful for…

early morning snuggles in bed

babies that say “mum mum mum”

constant chatter and singing

cuddles and kisses and “I love you mummy”s

wrestling brothers

tickles and giggles

cosy blankets and stories by the fire

reminders to pray grace before every meal, little or big

imaginary dragons and dragon tamers

hummed imperial march to Lego building

swings, roundabouts, sesaws and slides in the winter sunshine

inquisitive minds and ingenious answers

family nights with yummy treats

sleepy babes to sing to and soft hair to stroke…

We might not have traveled the world together (yet :)), or own multiple properties.

We only own one vehicle and a falling apart mountain bike.

Seasonal wardrobe changes… huh?

We have no holiday fund or large entertainment system.

Evenings are spent washing dishes, folding washing, getting kids to sleep… not out in town… or the movies… or dinner…

But all that said…

I would not change a thing!!!!!

I love my life in all it’s dirty nappy, sibling referee, blurry eyed, unmanicured glory!

I’m no saint but God has given me one heck of a team to get me there and for that…



Ruth 🙂



  1. when you mention the muck (hard stuff) along side the good things, the good always, always far outweighs the bad. I will pray for you while your hubby is away, that is so hard….it will get easier (a little) and before you know, he will be home!!!

    SO–is your hubby from MN?
    What’s the connection to MN?

    Great post!
    (I’m borrowing my hubby’s laptop, our computer is broke down!)

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