Secret Garden…. unlocked!

Today I wanted to share a little realisation and little triumph…

Sunshine has ALWAYS loved books! We have read and read and read to her all her life.

I was so excited when she started school and came home with her little jar of words.

I was even more excited when she started to read sentences and attempt to read our books at home.

I looked forward with great anticipation to the day when she could write down all the FANTASTIC stories that were in her head… a child who is forever being someone or something has an incredible world in their head!

BUT two things happened over that following year… firstly, she would read her homework books but continued to only want to look at pictures of other books. Secondly, her handwriting progressed nicely, but her stories… well they remained at the “I went to Grandma’s house. I had a great time. It was really fun.” Her teachers where at a loss and I felt such disappointment! Where were the stories, where had the imagination gone!

Well after patiently (and not so patiently) continuing the journey of reading and writing at home over the last year, I have made several realisations.

Sunshine does have wonderful stories in her head, and can in fact write beautifully! But it is too much for her yet to write them down on her own with pencil and paper. The simple act of putting words on a page is a mountain she is not quite ready to climb. What if I spell something wrong? What do I start with and what if the starting is wrong? What if I my writing gets messy? What was that song I was singing the other day? Oh look! That tree out there is so pretty! Hello pencil, will you be my friend… oh hello Aayla Secura (from Star Wars) would you like to come play?…

πŸ™‚ It is just too tough for a child like mine πŸ™‚

BUT today I asked her to write a book review for our Home schoolers Project Fair. I had the usual panic response, even though I offered to type it on the computer for her. But once we talked about it, read some examples and I said the first magic words… “Mummy in the morning is a book…” she was off!!! Below is what she wrote, and I promise you, I didn’t add a thing πŸ™‚

Mummies in the Morning is a book about two kids called Jack and Annie who go back in time to Ancient Egypt in a magic tree house. The tree house belongs to the mysterious β€œM”.

When they get to Egypt, they find a mysterious cat who leads them to a huge pyramid. Once inside the pyramid, Jack and Annie meet a strange ghost queen called Hutepi, Queen of the Nile. Hutepi, lost her book of the dead, so Jack and Annie have to help her find it. Β She shows them some hieroglyphs that her brother had written so she could find the book of the dead. But Hutepi couldn’t read them herself, so she asks Jack to describe what they look like.

When they worked the meaning out, Hutepi led them to her burial chamber… read the book to find out what happens next!

I was really excited when I finished this book, Mummies in the Morning. It was such a great book to read. When I finished one chapter, I really wanted to read more!

This is an awesome book to read when you are learning about Ancient Egypt.

From this day on, Mummy is going to back off, chill out and get typing… with a little encouragement and room for Sunshine to dance, we will see screeds of stories I’m sure! πŸ™‚

The other triumph, which has given me so much more joy than I expected, is that Sunshine is finally reading to herself for pleasure! Now when I ask her a question while she is sitting cross legged on the couch, book in hand, all I get is a “hmmph” or a nod or shake. Her eyes don’t leave the page and I hear that gentle murmur of her voice :). I LOVE to read and I feel as if she has finally discovered the key to the secret garden, and like Mary Lennox, will bring life to her future in a whole new way!! YAY!!! πŸ™‚


Actually… let’s say it is a BIG triumph πŸ™‚





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