Part Two: Master Luke’s 5th Birthday part – Star Wars Jedi Training

After a crazy Saturday making one R2D2 cake, Sunday finally arrived with MUCH excitement! We loaded up the car in a frantic fit as we had to make Mass, then go onto Grandma and Granddad’s house. As we are in our second temporary residence since the big quake in Feb last year, we have VERY little room for hosting a children’s party. My wonderful inlaws were generous enough to offer their home as the site for Jedi Training…. and thank God they did! πŸ™‚ The space was perfect!


(what we proposed… with kids in party mode, things change!)

2pm PARTY GUESTS ARRIVE – Star wars music playing, star wars colouring in sheets to pass time

2:30pm Padawans (Jedi learners) to congregate in the Jedi Training room (garage) for a mystery visitor

Yoda came especially to give the young padawans a lesson on the force and what a Jedi is. 95% of what he said was straight from the movies… but the general audience would have been happy if all he said was “mmmmmm”


One group was to construct light sabers and the other to undergo a series of Jedi challenges. As we had quite a few younglins under 5, everyone eventually ended up in one group πŸ™‚


– Giant pool noodles cut into 3

– flat glass blue marbles

– black duct tape

– silver sharpie markers

– silver dot stickers

– coloured sticky jewels

The padawans were each given a 3rd of a pool noodle. A hole was made in one end and they inserted the special power crystals (marbles) into their light saber. Black tape was then wound around the hole end and it was time to “bling” their sabers! πŸ™‚ When construction was complete, Gran hot glued a black card circle onto the end to hold in the crystals. A really simple but FUN activity!!! There were lots of busy busy wee hands πŸ™‚


We had lots of ideas for this, but due to time constraints and everyone in one group we stuck to two. Use the force, feel the balloon and Storm Trooper battle πŸ™‚

The first game was silly and fun! The padawans lined up in two lines, facing each other, holding balloons. They then took turns putting on a welding mask (to replicate the blast helmet Luke skywalker wore episdode 4… just in case you wanted to know! :)) and walking down between the two lines. The other padawans had to throw their balloons at them and they in turn had to “use the force” to fight off the balloons before they hit them. Lots of giggles and enthusiam, was there!

The next game was a HIT!!! On a large piece of black card I had stuck 4 paper towels, each with a basic drawing of a Storm Trooper face. The padawans were then given a less than traditional Jedi weapon, a water blaster (more Han Solo really!) and given 5 shots each to wet the Storm Troopers. The concentration and comradery were awesome! Β One by one the padawans shot their blasters until the Storm Troopers were soaked and therefore destroyed! Luckily I had drawn a few extra as a second round was requested! πŸ™‚


After successfully completing their Light Saber construction and Jedi Challenges, the young Padawans graduated as Jedi Knights. Yoda emerged from a restful slumber and low and behold he had a “friend” ?

Master Luke was stoked to shake Darth Vader’s hand (who had turned to the good side for the day!)

Each newly graduated Jedi Knight received his light saber and a certificate.


The Jedi Knights were then given their first mission…. to destroy the Death Star!

The Death Star maintained it’s strength right until the last attempt and then exploded spectacularly!


– inflated beach ball

– ripped up newspaper and paste

– grey paint, black sharpie and black crayon

There are some great websites out there on how to make a good Pinata :). I read them afterwards… so will do things a little different next time, but the end result did look like the Death Star πŸ™‚


The Menu:

– Wookie Cookies (Choc chip cookies with a choc W on them)

– Leia Cupcakes (cupcakes iced with faces and oreo cookies stuck on the sides)

– Hoth Snow (popcorn with icing sugar)

– Luke’s Tauntaun (cheerio sausages)

– C3P0 pieces (chicken nibbles)

– Ewok Scroggin (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate raisins etc.)

– Han Sandwiches (ham sammies)

– Darth Vader Licorice

– Fruit Sabers (fruit kebabs)

– Jabba Jelly (green lime jelly)

– Cloud City Clouds (marshmallows)

– Dagobah bugs (jelly lollies lovingly crafted into bugs by Gran)

– Bantha Milk (milk with blue colouring)

– Jawa Juice (fruit juice)

– Yoda Soda (lime icecream with lemondade….YUM!)

– R2D2 cake

Hungry Jedi Knights and parents!

Β A fantastic party for a wonderful boy!!!!

A huge thank you to EVERYONE who helped make it such a memorable birthday… I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or the parents πŸ™‚

Star Wars spans the generations, that’s for sure!





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