There’s spaghetti in my bath tub!

Curly Sue is my Sensory Seeker extraordinaire…

From sitting precariously on the back of her chair at meal times to licking sweet potato peelings during dinner prep, my sparky 2 year old has to experience life, hands, feet and tongue! 🙂

Over the past two weeks, I have taken a step back to look at many, many areas of my life as wife and mother. Having sick children can put you in a pensive mood and with climbing toddlers and clingy big kids, blogging was not an option 🙂

Curly Sue will be 3 in August, and I am pleased to say, I believe she is moving past the screaming weeblie stage and things are in general, more tranquil. But, there has been no letting up, nor ever will be I imagine, on the intensity of desire to explore and experience life to the fullest! Therefore, after much musing and praying, I am going to intensify life for her, safely and in a controlled manner :).

There is SO much good stuff out there on sensory play and I could get lost among all the wonderful blogs and sites teeming with inspiration. So here is my plan, incorporating some of the ideas I have seen and catering them for my girl…


– Each morning after our Faith Formation time, I will set up a sensory activity for Curly Sue.

– The activity will be something she can play peacefully with on her own so that I can work on maths and reading with the big kids.

– I will record the experiences and make a scrapbook of memories for her to look at


DAY ONE: Spaghetti Bath


It is has been snowing and COLD, so a warmed up bathroom and a whole pile of freshly cooked, warm spaghetti was “nice” on the feet! Curly Sue’s face was worth the 90c I spent on cheap spaghetti :). She happily played for close to 45minutes, making birds nests, feeding babies, creating mountains, sliding around the tub…

The result, a subdued, peaceful, content girl for the rest of the day! EUREKA!! This might be a VERY good idea 🙂

Plan for tommorrow: Paint sealed in snaplock bags and taped to the kitchen table

I encourage you to have a look at the below websites for more inspiration:





  1. I love your blog Ruth, very inspiring. Your kids are so blessed to have such a loving, creative, faith filled Mother. God bless you x

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