Part One: Master Luke’s 5th Birthday – R2D2 cake

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

… lived a wonderful boy who turned 5 and asked his mummy oh so nicely for a Star Wars party 🙂

Here is part one of what was a fabulous (extremely busy) weekend 🙂


The making of R2D2

Master Luke has rather high expectations of what I can do. With an artist type mum and an engineer dad, he comes up with grand imaginative schemes and then tells me how to draw up plans 🙂

An upright R2D2 cake was requested and so the two of us did our research and planning. Saturday morning, 10:30am the work began!

I needed to make…

– 4 gluten free choc mudcakes

– double batch of rice krispie and marshmellow slice

– double batch of choc ganache icing

 STEP ONE: Ice cakes and stack

 STEP TWO: Insert 5 halved chopsticks into cakes to hold together

 STEP THREE: Cover cakes in ganache icing, then with rolled out white fondant icing

STEP FOUR: Cut out legs from Rice krispie slice and cover with white fondant icing. Form extra bits with fondant.

STEP FIVE: Use left over Rice krispie slice pieces to mould head. Using a small mixing bowl, line with plastic wrap, snuggly fit pieces in and compress with a cup until they are formed into a solid bowl shape.  Cover with grey tinted fondant icing.

STEP SIX: Attach iced head to the body with more ganache icing.

STEP SEVEN: Colour fondant icing blue, roll out and then get creative making R2D2’s details :). I also used a knife to make markings on his body.

STEP EIGHT:  Put body & attached head onto an upturned shallow cake tin on a big tray. Attach iced legs with chopsticks.

STEP NINE: Polish him off with just damp cloth 🙂

 7 hours of labour!

One happy birthday boy!

STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO:  Jedi Training… the party!





  1. Wow, that cake turned out amazing!! You lost me at “fondant” though…never worked with it or made it, would love to though! My oldest son would totally love this cake, and I love the “gluten free” part!

    Nice to “meet” you!

    PS did you know you have a gay Garnier shampoo add at the bottom of your post?

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