Veni sancti spiritus! Come Holy Spirit!


I have spent many a prayer time meditating on what it must have been like in that room.

To experience the coming of the Holy Spirit as the disciples did… WOW…

We have had a sick week with Fuzz, Curly Sue and myself down with bad colds.

The upside to this has been a week of busy hands and lots of stories… mostly on two topics, Ancient Egypt and Pentecost 🙂

Here are two activities that have kept us busy…

Gifts of the Spirit Flaming Mobile


The children were keen to make something for Pentecost with flames. While playing outside last week I was inspired by their hula hoops :). So what was once (and will be again in a week of two) a pink hula hoop is now a “Ring of FIRE!!” (you need to do the finding nemo voice!).

Fairly simple craft…

Step One: Cut A4 pieces of coloured paper (red, orange, yellow) into strips width ways. Staple these around the hoop, creating a pattern of red, orange and yellow.

Step Two: Cut out 7 large red flames, 14 smaller orange flames and 14 even smaller yellow flames.

Step Three: Stick the orange and then yellow flames onto the big red ones on both sides

Step Four: Write in black marker one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit on each flame

Step Five: Punch a hole in the top of each flame and tie to a piece of string.

Step Six: Attach the seven flames evenly around the hoop and hang your mobile up to be admired 🙂 (we have an extra flame created by Curly Sue :))

The children are enjoying standing underneath it and pretending to be the disciples 🙂

We had a fantastic lesson on the importance of the Holy Spirit and the gifts while the children were busy cutting and sticking. As a creative person I often find it hard to step back and let the children cut and stick their own way… it is hard not to hover and dictate what things should look like 🙂

BUT how are they going to learn if not by doing and experimenting… I have to limit myself to the odd gentle suggestion! 🙂

Chocolate Mud Cake Pentecost Cupcakes with Madarin Cream Cheese Icing and Marshmallow Sugar flames

What a mouthful to say…. and what a YUMMY mouthful they are!

Inspired by a pin on Pinterest (SEE HERE), Master Luke and Sunshine were really keen on making our own versions. So as usual they differ a little from the original and as I said before… I let the children do the decorating, so they are not as “professional” as the ones from the pin 🙂

STEP ONE: Make up a batch of my Gluten Free Choc Mud Cake recipe (Click here for the recipe)

STEP TWO: Divide into mini cupcake pans. We made a double batch of mixture and it did 36 mini cupcakes and 4 texan muffin tins

STEP THREE: Cut mini baking marshmallows in half and dip the sticky cut side into sugar (coloured with several drops of yellow and red food colouring… a FUN exercise in itself for the kids!)

STEP FOUR: Make a batch of cream cheese icing. We used mandarin zest instead of lemon for ours… just to be different! Add a few drops of yellow food colouring.

(Click here for the recipe)

STEP FIVE: When the cup cakes have cooled. Put a teaspoon of icing on top and arrange the little marshmallow flames in a circle.

Voila! Pentecost cupcakes… Green Team style 🙂

May you all have a blessed Pentecost 🙂




  1. Ruth, Loving these posts! We are actually Orthodox but obviously there is much in common between the Eastern church and the Western church and I am loving some of the ideas!

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