The birds and the bees

My baby is 1 next week!

A year ago we were overdue and HUGE, waiting for the arrival of our number four.

“Fuzz” has been our earthquake baby.

We found out we were pregnant with him on September 5th 2010, the day after our city was rocked with a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. My pregnancy was not an easy one, with 3 other little ones, bouts of pneumonia and whooping cough and to top it all off, another massive earthquake on February 22nd 2011, in which we lost our home and our lives changed forever.

My hubby and I are great supporters of Natural Family planning, and especially the Billings Ovulation MethodΒ (will blog about that another day! :)). This means that we are aware attune to Β my fertility cycle and know when we conceived each of our treasures. Before “Fuzz” was conceived, God showed me a picture in my heart of His hands outstretched, holding within them a bright, pulsating light. I heard His words echo in my heart… “It is your choice”

It IS our choice…. to be open to life or not…

This choice isn’t an easy one and to tell the truth, there never really is an “ideal” time to have a baby, BUT we need to trust!

Here was God offering me this exquisite new life… this pure, beautiful future saint πŸ™‚

I was cross at first! I must admit…

I shared with my hubby how this was entirely unfair of God as I had this, and this and this reason NOT to have another baby.. yet…

Then we prayed! (well my hubby started and I dutifully followed :)… still steaming a little)

When we brought our hearts to the Creator, when we humbled ourselves before Him and surrendered to His will… then the power of His life giving Love had room to work on our wills!

Anyway… we were blessed πŸ™‚

“Fuzz” was born after much waiting 9 months later, weighing in a whopping 10lb 11 πŸ™‚

He IS a light! A beautiful, happy, placid, affectionate baby boy who seems to be completely unaffected by the stress I carried throughout my pregnancy (except his hair that is! It stands straight up :))

I praise God every day that we didn’t follow my will and wait , as we would never have had the opportunity to love such a precious treasure!

Well enough about the birds… Now the bees… πŸ™‚

Here is my GLUTEN FREE Choc Mud Cake recipe I used for his birthday cake and cupcakes. It is rich in flavour but much lighter than your traditional mud cake.

Melt 60gm of good quality 70% dark chopped up choc with 2/3 cup water over low heat until smooth.

Beat 90gm softened butter with 1 cup of firmly packed brown sugar and 2 eggs until light and fluffy.

Sift into butter mix, 2/3 cup of gluten free self raising flour (I mix 1 cup gf flour/1/2 tsp salt/1 1/2 tsp baking powder then take out 1/3 cup :)), 2 tbsps cocoa, 1/3 cup almond meal.

Then add water/choc mix.

Stir until completely mixed and put into a 20cm round cake pan.

Bake at 150C for approx 35-40mins

I double the mixture and use half for cupcakes πŸ™‚


These buzzy bee silicone cupcake cases I found at our local Warehouse. Have had a look online and can’t find a source for you, but they were super cute and so easy! I needed something that was little to no fuss as we were having a combined Mother’s day lunch for both our mums, plus a mini party for Fuzz πŸ™‚

I also cut out of the 20cm round cake, a beehive and decorated it (not my best job as I was in a hurry) but the overall effect with the cupcakes was cute πŸ™‚

Enjoy baking and check out the Billings link πŸ™‚





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