The wisdom of Don Bosco

St John Bosco (1815-1888) was an Italian priest and the founder of the Salesian order. He was a man with a great love for the young and lived passionately for them, teaching and guiding them in the way of holiness.
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I quote him today, because he spoke to the young with words of wisdom and in the current “Hunger Games” frenzy, I felt that sharing his words would be a good thing.
“[To teenagers]
Look, the devil will convince you that certain things are not sinful. Then you’ll have to tussle with friends and what they might say, with dangerous readings, with your own passions, and so on. Be on your guard. Do not let the devil rob you of that peace of mind and purity of soul which makes you God’s friends!”
– Don Bosco
“Do you want to banish evil thoughts? Control your sight, taste, and hearing. Give up certain kinds of talk and books. This is the only way you will still your passions, be victorious, and enjoy peace of mind.”
– Don Bosco
“Guard your eyes since they are the windows through which sin enters the soul.”
– Don Bosco
“Do not pamper your body; guard your senses, especially your eyes. Above all, avoid bad reading. If a book, indifferent in itself, should upset you, put it away. Willingly read good books, preferably those which treat of the Blessed Sacrament and of Mary.”
– Don Bosco
“[Francis Besucco saw a placard in Don Bosco’s room which read, ‘Every Moment is a treasure.’ He wondered at its meaning and asked Don Bosco, “How can you earn a treasure every moment?” Don Bosco responded]
It’s easier than you think. Every moment we can increase our knowledge, do a good deed, or make an act of love of God. In His sight, these are treasures to benefit us now and in eternity.”
And finally…
“Let us ask Jesus to come and steal something from us – your hearts and mine.”
– Don Bosco
I need to read this last one each day!
Our hearts and minds are for God, so let us fill them with beauty and edifying food. We are pilgrims on a journey, not spectators at a show.


  1. Pulchra Doctrina! This is one of the most beautiful and insipiring blog posts I have read. These quotes from St John Bosco are so important and need to be shared. It is funny that you have shared about this saint as he has been on my heart for the past couple of weeks. If you don’t mind I would likle to use some of the quotes and material that you have here in my own weekly blog as what St John Bosco had to say all those years ago is still so relevant (if not even more) and I would love to pass on the message.

    God Bless neighbour!

    1. Lamb Among Wolves, firstly thank you and secondly you most certainly can use his quotes as they are not mine to hold onto :).
      Your name is so “current” 🙂 as the wolves are rampant at the moment and so often disguised in sheep’s clothing. Freedom of speech, suppression of the poor and innocent, fair trade, global warming, animal rights… all these things are GOOD, even worthy causes for us to spend time on, BUT…

      If these in any way turn our gaze inwards, consume our family time, lead us away or against the Church, justify gratuitous violence to make a point, fill our hearts and minds with everything OTHER than our Heavenly Father… then they are NOT sheep!

      St John Bosco had great discernment and great courage, let us pray that those of us with eyes and ears may follow in his example!

      God bless you!


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