My budding archaeologists!

Today was the day!

There was much excitement and anticipation for our archaeological dig and much practice saying it 🙂

Last week we buried in beach sand, a range of bits and pieces (mainly world currency coins) in a fairly deep plastic tray. Today was the day the children could excavate! 🙂


Using string and sticky tape, we made a grid of 4 squares over the container. This would now be our excavation grid for mapping our finds.


Sunshine drew up an excavation map/grid on a piece of A4 paper. After each find, the children were to draw a simple outline to record what they found and where they found it.


Having sat through my instructions so patiently, all three were off at a great, but so gentle, pace! Heads down, toothbrushes brushing away sand, they busied themselves in the business of excavating!


These are our excavated artifacts 🙂


And these are my 3 happy budding archaeologists, having found treasure! 🙂 (Master Luke still has to master the art of smiling for a camera!)

Stay tuned for further adventures into the past!




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