Making a Paper Flower Crown – by Sunshine

We made rose paper crowns because tomorrow is the first day of May (that rhymes!) and May is the month when the Church celebrates Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We made the crowns because tomorrow morning we will crown our stature of Mary here at home, and we are going to take our crowns that Master Luke and I made, to my Gran and Granddad’s work for Mass.

I feel special that we are giving our crowns to Mary!


To make a Paper Flower Crown:

1. First cut out the middle of a paper plate

2. Cut peanut shapes out of colourful paper

3. Then staple 4 of those shapes together

4. Next (that’s a good word!) cut out small circles and glue them onto the middle of the paper flowers

5. Stick them onto the paper plate crown

And there you have it! A wonderful crown for Mary, Our Mother 🙂

By Sunshine (ps. I love writing in my mummies blog!)



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