Busy, busy little hands!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Curly Sue likes to push her physical boundaries and try new daring stunts. Currently it is leaping off things from chairs to bunk bed ladders. This morning while eating morning tea outside, she stood tentatively on the edge of our deck. “Do you want to hold my hand while you jump?” I said, suprised at her sudden carefulness. “Yip, otherwise I freak!” She said in a low, grown up voice :). What it is to be a younger sibling πŸ™‚


Due to roadwork interruptions and an in depth maths lesson, divided three ways, we all needed some light relief this morning and so out came the making stuff! πŸ™‚

I had great plans for further family history investigation this morning, but my children love to be busy making and I was impressed at the ideas that were flowing and evolving. I would love to say that they came up with popsicle stick bookmarks and pva glue/cardboard antique coins themselves, BUT, the credit all goes to… “Mr Maker…do do do do do… Mr Maker…” πŸ™‚


A few years ago, my sister from Australia introduced my older two to this UK craft programme on her IPOD ( a big novelty in our house!). It is colourful, quirky and chock full of great, easily achievable art and craft projects. The episodes are only 20minutes long and follow the same format each time. As we don’t own a TV and our current, slightly decrepit computer makes a hash effort at DVDs, we rely on (sorry to say)… You Tube, for little people’s shows. There are LOADS of Mr Maker episodes on You Tube and they certainly come in handy around dinner prep time!

Today the children made bookmarks and cardboard antique coins πŸ™‚


– 2 popsicle/lolly sticks

– sticky tape

– PVA glue

– colourful card, old greeting cards, craft foam etc.

First take your two sticks and tape them together at the top. This makes the base for your bookmark as it can slide onto a page. Then using whatever you have around (we used old greeting cards and craft foam) create something fun to stick with glue onto the taped end. We used two green sticks, an alien face cut out from a birthday card and 1 green pipe cleaner, to make an alien bookmark. There were death stars, unicorns, lollipops… all sorts of other ones created as well :). So simple and such a great idea for presents or party favours! (might make some Star Wars ones for Master Luke’s 5th birthday party in June)

This link to You Tube has the episode with the antique coin :)…. VERY effective!!! πŸ™‚

We, the kids and I, thoroughly recommend Mr Maker!!! πŸ™‚

(just a warning… the tune will get stuck in your head!)




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