Back to the future… I mean past! :)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m a dragon mummy, 1/2 water. 1/2 ice and 1/2 fire!” = Sunshine (still need a little more work on fractions!)

RESOURCE OF THE TERM (uh huh!! got you there :)):

Yes, I did say resource of the term!


I am very excited to say that we are starting The Story of the World volume 1 (Ancient times) this term. Many of you will know this History curriculum, but I was not one, until a friend (thanks Cathy Fairbrother!) made reference to one of her children powering through it. What attracted me to this wonderful curriculum, was it’s ability to be expanded and adapted to suit any time scale or age range :). As I have a 7yr old, almost 5 yr old and an inquisitive/include me 2 and half yr old, this was a big selling point!

I have purchased the Activity Book and have borrowed the reading book from a friend. I am not too worried about buying the test book as I will include elements of recall and memorisation in my own way.

The Activity Book is chock full of teaching ideas, further reading material, activities, reproducibles (did I mention before that I’m a little crazy on reproducibles!!) etc. I intend on expanding even further than they suggest and it will take us a whole term, I imagine, to only get through 1/3 book!

As I have been sharing some of our home schooling journey on this blog, I will give you a run down on how we tackle this popular curriculum and what extras we include :)… so here goes!

WEEK ONE: Family History

Day One –

Today we began our journey into the past! The children were so excited to start having pestered me for the last two weeks (holidays!). Volume 1 begins with a basic “what is history”. It starts with the children learning about their Family History. 

Today we started our Family History lap books. All three were handed a manilla folder and a photocopied title page from the Activity Book. They dutifully coloured them in and glued a photo of themselves on the page as well. 

Using our white board, I showed the children why a family tree is called a tree, by doing a simplified one starting with them and going back 3 generations. They quickly got the idea and had a giggle about Tigger trying to find an actual tree in The Tigger Movie :).

After morning tea, we looked through a wonderful resource which my father in law had made 10 years ago, detailing that side of the families history. There are family trees, stories, photos, paintings etc. and it was fun picking out physical family traits that showed up strongly through the generations. Such a treasure to have!!! (thanks Grandad!)

The family history book sparked an idea, so I made a worksheet to record the idea of physical family traits.

The sheet is titled “My face is part of History!”. It has the basics of a face that children can fill in details like, their hair, eye colour, facial features (dimples, moles etc.) and a few basic sentences like… “My hair is like Great Grandad’s” etc.

You can download the file here: My face is part of History

Tomorrow we read the first chapter and start doing some family research! Stay tuned 🙂


Sunshine is journeying through a tumultuous time in her development, and for a child who scores 20/23 in the Highly Sensitive Child test, this is to be expected. Hormones are starting to kick in and her delicate wiring is firing on high alert! This is making bedtime and any changes to routine hard work and fairly exhausting for hubby and I, not to mention the 3 younger ones.

I feel empowered knowing that there are behavioural management strategies out there and lots of reading material. We are not alone, that’s for sure, and I feel so grateful for all the support we are receiving!

Today in my Magnificat (see post “The Word of Life”), the word “Illuminate” kept popping up. It is such a beautiful word…


1. To provide or brighten with light.
2. To make understandable; clarify: 
3. To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; enable to understand.
4. To endow with fame or splendor; celebrate.
5. To adorn (a page of a book, for example) with ornamental designs, miniatures, or lettering in brilliant colors or precious metals.
This is my prayer today… that my heart and mind may be illuminated so that I may see the beauty in my child and have the wisdom to nourish her and support her as she goes through this time!


What do you think?

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