To every mum who has felt like screaming…


You are not alone.

I sit here tonight listening to my eldest scream and cry about going to sleep.

It’s 9pm and the others are snoring.

This is not uncommon in our house and not uncommon for Sunshine… bedtime is on the list of just too hard…

I live in hope that one day bedtime won’t be a drama for her.

Tonight I feel like screaming, but I won’t.

Tonight I feel like throwing in the towel, but I won’t.

Tonight I feel truly exhausted and out of ideas…

Honesty ah 🙂  I did blog about it not that long ago 🙂

So, as the noise of crying rises and falls and my hubby continues to hold the strong position on the frontline, I am going to eat some jelly beans, drink some water, curl up in my dressing gown and slippers…. and pray that Jesus will forgive me for my frustration and anger and give us the grace to love and the wisdom to solve this dilemma!

Then when all is finally quiet…. we will both hopefully, finally, get a chance to talk 🙂 (It is meant to be our date night)

Don’t think you are alone out there 🙂

Everyone has days like this (or should I say nights) 





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