Sunflower painting by Sunshine & Master Luke



Today mummy thought of making a sunflower picture, like Van Gogh. First we drew a circle, then lots of petal shapes around the circle – Sunshine

We then put glue on the circle. Then we put seeds! – Master Luke

Then we painted the petals. Master Luke and Curly Sue painted them different colours, but I, Sunshine, made mine gold, blue, orange, and yellow! It looked so cool when we put blue sky around it! Me, Sunshine, put Van Gogh sky around mine, with blue splodges of paint. They looked awesome when we had finished them! – Sunshine

I liked painting it! It was my favourite part. The end – Master Luke

My favourite part was putting it all together and painting it. – Sunshine

I liked red and yellow and blue – Curly Sue

I loved watching the concentration on their faces and the wonderful master pieces that emerged – Mummy


QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’ve written a bloggy bog… poo wee boggy bog!” – Master Luke (boys will be boys!)





    1. Well the excitement and expressions where worth the plastic snaplock bags we went through 🙂
      A great little afternoon science experiment!! Thank you so much for visiting 🙂

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