Two out of three ain’t bad! In my case… it is! :)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: When negotiating play time outside in between rain showers, Sunshine was trying very hard to convince me that the rain wasn’t such a bad thing… “It’s just thin water mummy”….. “Yes sunshine but you will still get wet! :)”

GAME OF THE DAY: Pictionary – the Card Game


Anything with drawing and I am eager to try, so Pictionary in its truest, oldest form is a firm favourite! This new wave of card versions of the old board game classics has brought a whole new dimension to the games you thought you knew.

Pictionary, the card game, does not involve any drawing! It is basically charades with basic line drawing prompts. I can hear you say ????

Ok! the game in brief…

Teams are formed and then a person from each team takes a card from the subject pile. The youngest person out of those few then chooses a number from 1-4. Each subject card has four categories that are randomly ordered on each card. Each person then looks at their cards Β and starts using the card prompts (whatever number one that was selected) to describe their object, subject, thing etc. (Oh and this is silently done!) If you take a close look at the picture above you can see that the card prompts are very simple line drawings and you have to use your imagination and that lateral right brain to inspire your team to guess! There is no timer, just first team who guesses correctly wins the round.

Low points: Takes some getting into the right way of thinking… harder for some people πŸ™‚

High points: The category cards are double sided, adults and children. This makes it really easy for kids to join in too! Much cheaper than the board game and very portable.

The game is quick and entertaining and I am really pleased we got it for Sunshine instead of an easter egg!


When you are newly pregnant, you receive a plethora of parenting advice, from the sage to the downright worrying!

We received our fair share and other than the fact my babies weren’t overly hairy due to my pregnant indigestion, most advice has been helpful. One piece of advice in particular has really stuck with me.

There is no such thing as the Terrible Twos etc. There is hunger, tiredness and lack of communication. Conquer these three and the myth is busted.

Well that was all well and good with both Sunshine and Master Luke. Then along came Curly Sue πŸ™‚

She ummmmed and ahhhhhed about leaving the womb causing much frustration and awkward moments. She arrived with a woosh and a roar after breaking my waters at a Pizza restaurant. She chopped and changed her sleeping routines as a small baby regardless of many strategies we put in place and she now stands on the cusp of Preschoolhood, hands firmly planted on hips, eyes ablaze and ready to take anyone or anything on! She is a strong, independent, smart, beautiful, did I mention strong, young lady πŸ™‚ and I love her so incredibly much!


So going back to the three things to conquer if you are to avoid the terrible twos.

Hunger, Tiredness and Communication.

This is where my challenge lies currently.

Curly Sue is a picky eater and not a big eater even when she likes what is infront of her. She is loathe to sit still for too long to eat and no matter the coaxing, silly games, or I must admit, bribery, makes any difference. Therefore we battle the hunger monster who rears its grumpy head a little too often.

We are starting to have to cut Curly Sue’s daytime nap as she is getting up too much when put to bed at night. This is a hard choice as she will still willingly sleep for several hours over lunch if allowed. Keeping her awake means we have a curly haired firebrand late afternoon… not much fun for everyone else in the house.

Communication… this is no problem!!! She knows how to say “NO”, “I don’t want too!”, “That’s mine!”, “GIVE IT TO ME!”, “SCREAM!!!!!”… etc. πŸ™‚ But Β she also talks beautifully and has a great grasp on language already :). When she wants to, she can be utterly delightful and regale you with great stories and careful observations of her little world.

I am on the battle front of the Terrible Twos with my number 3! I will not be defeated and by the grace of God and much showering of love upon my munchkin, I hope to conquer πŸ™‚





  1. I loved your quote of the day! Priceless.

    You shall conquer the two and threes and fours and….motherhood is a lifetime of conquering πŸ™‚

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