“If I were a rich man…”


Master Luke was a busy bee this morning, trying to put letters together to make words eg. F.J.S, M.P.G etc.  :)…. then with such an ardent expression… “Mummy, what about P.O.O?” To which I replied… “Well Master Luke that would spell POO”… His look was priceless and the uncontrollable giggles that came next made my morning 🙂

As it is school holidays here in NZ for the next two weeks I thought I might focus on Games :), as the weather is getting colder and we are looking into our indoor activity plans!

RESOURCE OF THE DAY: Junior Monopoly


This was given to us by good friends who found it a great addition to their early numeracy curriculum. Having grown up spending many hours at our summer holiday house playing this game, I must say that Monopoly does not inspire great excitement or enthusiasm in me. In fact I am more likely to change the topic of conversation if the game is suggested or find some other thing to busy myself with. This all said, Junior Monopoly is reconverting me!!!

It bares some likeness to the original game, for instance the paper money, Mr Monopoly character. collect money when you past Go etc. But instead of buying property and developing it, you are buying amusement park booths and rides. The rules have been simplified right down so that even Master Luke was playing with ease.

Highlights of the game from the kids perspective:

– You collect $2 each time you go past Go 🙂 (I haven’t told them you collect $200 in the real game!)

– There are plenty of “Get a free booth” chance cards

– In Sunshine’s words “when you are poor you can still have lots of chances to get more money and be RICH!!!”

– When you own two matching coloured booths you can ask for double the money when people land on them

– You don’t have to use the plastic car pieces as Master Luke used his Lego Star Wars Snow Trooper minifigure instead. (it had to lower it’s blaster so as not to shoot our cars in the rear end 🙂 )

Highlights from my perspective:

– Great for basic addition as you have $1, $2, $3, $4 and $5 notes

— The board is smaller and quite quick to circuit so the game doesn’t drag

– the amusement park theme meant the kids were imagining they were actually there and there was almost a separate game being played alongside the wheeling and dealing 🙂

Overall an enjoyable game and can be counted as holiday maths practice I think 🙂


Having a daydreamer and thinker is sometimes exasperating when it comes to holidays. Sunshine is often to be found sitting staring into space, away with the fairies or some other figment of her imagination 🙂

I have been contemplating for sometime what plan of attack I will instigate to combat this idleness. There is nothing wrong with having chill time, but Sunshine is not one to easily think of something constructive to do as she truly does live in her head. My plan these holidays is to write a list of indoor and outdoor activities that she can action during lull times in our day :). I will make a pretty sign and stick it on the front of the cupboard where the supplies will be kept.

This idea is still forming so if you have any great ideas or activities you have found useful please do share 🙂

Will let you know when it is complete!


Today is the feast of St Gemma Galgani, a heroic, passionate and faithful sharer in the sufferings of our Lord Jesus. She has been my friend since I was a young girl, in so much as her writings and love of Jesus have inspired me to keep going through the valleys and up the steep mountains of life. If you haven’t heard of her, google her!! If you have heard of her, ask today for her special intercession…. My prayer is that my children may come to love Jesus with the same intense, all consuming love and conviction that ruled Gemma’s life.






  1. The toilet humour is strangely amusing when expressed by other people’s children, less so when my own does it.
    As they get older (Sunshine will be old enough already, possibly Master Luke) “U-Build Monopoly” is fun! Like you’ve described, but they build the game board themselves with 3D pieces, schools, sewage works, skyscrapers, etc. Feel free to borrow ours if you ever fancy a try!

    1. sounds great! 🙂 I think I might even be truly won over by that version. What made Master Luke’s comment this morning so funny was that it was unintentionally toilet humour! 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  2. My eldest two almost 7 and just gone 6 have been enjoying monopoly over the last few days!! it is a great game for basic maths and just having some fun. =) Glad to know others are enjoying it too!!
    Note re: things for idles time – have activities written on pop sticks sitting in a jar, select one out and do! =) I MUST do for my kids too.

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