Time after time

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “llelow….llyllmellow….rrrrrllllellow….lalaleelow…. giggle giggle… ya… ya… low…low… LLLLEEELLOW!” = Curly Sue trying to say Yellow 🙂

RESOURCE OF THE DAY: The Botanical Gardens


The earthquakes may have come and changed the face of our city and our lives but they could not take away the beauty and gift that is the Botanical Gardens. Below is part of a map of Christchurch and the big green space is Hagley Park, a large open recreational park in the centre of our city. The Botanical Gardens are a wonderful part of this greater area set out with different style gardens, trees, pathways, ponds, bridges, pools, playground etc. etc…. a truly magical place that I have loved my entire life!! 


Thanks to a wonderful mum in our home schooling network here in Christchurch, we get to meet every non raining Thursday at the Gardens for a Charlotte Mason group. Now, I am only just starting to get a little familiar with Charlotte Mason and her philosophies, but what I do LOVE about her so far, is her desire for children to learn to marvel and wonder at nature!

My mum was and still is a great lover of beauty and nature and I attribute my passion for all God’s creation to her. She has such an eye for the little things, those small seemingly insignificant details that when examined closely reveal exquisite beauty!! This group provides me with an opportunity each week to share this gift with MY children and with the other lovely families who come along.

We usually meet at the Heritage Rose garden, which to me feels like something out of The Secret Garden (by Frances Hodgson Burnett). It is rambling and gentle, quiet and secretly magical! The children run around the mossy grass with bare feet and climb in and out of the heavy scented bushes. There are trees to climb, paths to explore and at this time of year…. leaves, leaves, abundant leaves to make nests in, to throw and to draw 🙂


CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Time after time I feel and see the ugly ogre, I know as FRUSTRATION, rear his horrid head in me! Today was no exception…

I am not proud to admit I got very frustrated with the children to and from the park. Reflecting on the drive home, with my tail somewhat between my legs, I prayed for God to show me the catalyst…

…TIME…. I need to be better at organising my time, especially with outings! A day at home… no sweat, I can can combat any ogres :)… but the pressure of getting places or meeting people and my defence is compromised!!

Wearing a watch is making a huge difference (see post “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”) but I need to be better prepared and leave much more time for the children to get ready and sorted. Cracking the whip and getting all huffy as we are trying to get out the door does not solve anything… it only adds to the problem and as this afternoon showed… adds to the thunder clouds over three normally shining heads!

Conclusion… Get it sorted Mummy!! 🙂 Will let you know how I progress….

MUMMY THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Maunday Thursday… tonight we sup with Our Lord and join him in the garden… may we stay awake and keep watch!!!





  1. I hear your cry….. I too have had God talking in my ear about this very same thing. I am fine with a day at home – I can keep the day ticking over and everything running smoothly! I can even manage to stay on top of washing, housework and the like…. but on the days where we need to go out it is a VERY different story. I too need to get a lot more organised and leave more time to get ready to go out…… even if it means getting organised the day before! =) walking with you my sister……

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