Red sky at night, The Shepard’s delight

Now I had decided that Sunday’s would be a NO BLOGGING day… but this evening was just too precious not to share πŸ™‚

Palm Sunday has been well and truly celebrated in our family today!

– Extraordinary rite of Mass consisted of a 2 hour liturgy this morning. Palms, holy water, chant, sung Passion of our Lord, Β and glorious incense swirling up to heaven through rays of sunlight! The children were troupers and although pleased to be free by the end, were really touched I think by the liturgy πŸ™‚ A step back in time!

– A late afternoon excursion to the beach was planned, and it was a gift! Sunshine, no wind, plenty of rock pools and the most glorious sunset to top it all off!



The conversation in the car on the way home got me pondering πŸ™‚

“Mummy, look I can see God’s face! He is looking at me!” = Sunshine

“I can see Mary, and Joseph and Jesus and all the saints and angels!” = Master Luke

“Are those black clouds devils?” = Master Luke

“Noooooo… they are just clouds…. BUT look there is my guardian angel!!!” = Sunshine

“And mine!!!” = Master Luke

“I can’t see…. ” = Curly Sue (who sits in the middle at the back and can’t see out the windows as well :))

For quite sometime my hubby and I just listened to little voices in the back of our car marvelling at the beauty and majesty of the sunset. What struck me, was that straight away it was God that they could see… it was heaven that they were reminded of and it was to their Creator that their hearts were turned.

That is our job!!! That is the most important part of our vocation as parents! To help them, to guide them, to teach them to see the Divine Spark in all that is around them. To search for our God with all their hearts, with all their souls and with all their minds!

I love being a mum πŸ™‚




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