“A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away…”

RESOURCE OF THE DAY:  (cue the music)  STAR WARS

Nothing quite sets the imagination alight for little boys (or girls in our house), than an epic battle of good against evil, space ships, light sabers, funny looking aliens, beautiful princesses and SPACE 🙂

Now it wasn’t my plan this morning to spend an entire day of school on Star Wars… but that is what has come to be and OH the fun we have had!

Now before I go any further, our children have watched episode 1, 4, 5 & 6 (episode 2 & 3)are not suitable we think for right now). My hubby and I have always watched them ourselves beforehand to scan for parts that might not be appropriate and then watched them with the kids. I know that this is not some people’s cup of tea, but we have found them to be great family bonding times. The stories have not filled our children’s minds with violence or rubbish but have inspired their creativity and thirst for knowledge about space and science. Sunshine, being her usual deep philosophical self, has made many parallels between the science fiction and our spiritual journey and battle. I love how she finds God in everything!


Master Luke (now you can all guess where this nickname comes from) is busy from before the sun rises each day creating lego masterpieces, often with a Star Wars theme. Today this extended into character role playing and before I was even ready to get started on school work, Sunshine, Master Luke and Curly Sue were busy at the school table drawing pictures of their favourite characters. Not wanting to stop the flow of creativity, I jumped online and found a great site of colouring in pages so that Curly Sue could join in as well…


Master Luke then decided that he would make a poster for his room covered in his drawings and colouring in pages. Sunshine chose a colouring in page of Queen Armidala and did a beautiful job. Quite enamoured by her efforts, she then turned it into a cardboard doll by backing the picture with thick cardboard and making her a house. Curly Sue coloured in C3PO and R2D2 and wants to make a poster too! 🙂


(Master Luke singing the Imperial march while colouring in Death Star, Sunshine with her Queen Armidala Doll and the worksheet I devised for Master Luke)

While they were all busy pottering away on their independent projects, I made a worksheet for Master Luke who is starting to show a great interest in having his own maths work to do. I really liked the ideas as they started to flow, so keep an eye out as I might come up with some more worksheets. (need to work out how to attach a PDF file for you to download).

Lunch consisted of cheese toasties cut into Death Stars (circles), fighter planes (the bits left over 🙂 ) and stars. Simple, yet fascinating to kids in the zone 🙂

After lunch we piled onto the Millenium Falcon (a.k.a our 10ft trampoline with nets) and we talked about where we are…. trampoline, city, country, world, solar system, orion’s arm, milky way galaxy, local galaxy group… etc. etc. For my hubbies birthday one year, as he is a keen lover of all things astronomical, we bought him UNIVERSE – the definitive visual guide by DK publishers.


This book is visually stunning!! We have spent many happy hours in wonder and awe pouring over the pages, gazing at nebula, learning about constellations, getting inspired to look up and say “God you are AWESOME!!!”

“Universe is divided into three main sections. The INTRODUCTION is an overview of the basic concepts of astronomy, GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE looks, in turn at the solar system, Milky Way, and the regions of space that lie beyond. Finally, THE NIGHT SKY is a guide to the sky for the amateur skywatcher.”    (from UNIVERSE pg. 6)

 Finally 🙂 when I get off this computer… my newly acquired watch is telling me afternoon tea time is almost up… we will be busy at another lovely worksheet provided by CONSIDERING GOD’S CREATION (Mortimer & Smith) – see my post “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”. The worksheet shows the children their place in the universe and reminds them that God’s love for them is so great.

So from us here at Rebel Base…. May the force be with you… or as we say in our house…. May the Holy Spirit be with you! 🙂



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  1. Love it! Lijes first look at your pic he wanted to know why you had a picture of him them he realised it was M.L I will have to check out the star wars page for our sw date days during the holidays love you

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