In His footsteps…

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Curly Sue looking at a wedding picture of Mummy and Daddy… “Is that you mummy?”… “Yes and that’s daddy”…”Where is Curly Sue? Am I at home?”…. “No sweetheart, this was before you were around… when you were still a part of God’s beautiful plan for our future”… “I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH GOD! I want to be in your tummy…” 🙂 The logic of a 2 year old!


There is just so much inspiration out there when it comes to ideas for celebrating Holy Week. In our Catholic tradition there is so much beauty and symbolism spread throughout the week, from Palm Sunday to Easter, that we are spoilt for choice when choosing treasures to share with our children.

As my children are still very young, activities need to be kept simple and symbolism clear :). Sunshine is a deep thinker, a real philosopher in the making, so anything and everything we do always goes to another level with her… I don’t have to plan that 🙂

Inspired by several ideas of a Holy Week path (see, this is what we have come up with for our family… taking into account we have a 10month old who is cruising furniture and climbing things, so our path is on a wall! 🙂

In vestigia Jesus

(In the footsteps of Jesus)

1. First we made a big long purple strip of cardboard (approx. 30cm wide and just over 1m long)

2. We divided it into 6 portions to represent Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Holy Wednesday, Mournday Thursday and Good Friday.

3. We covered Palm Sunday with green card, Mournday Thursday with dark purple, Good Friday with red and at the top attatched a piece of black card shaped like a tomb with a piece of grey card attached as a flap (the stone!)

4. The children then made a donkey and palms, table and chalice/bread, and a cross. These were attached to sticky back velcro so they can put them on the right days as we get to them.

5. Sunshine made me a beautiful Jesus to “walk” up the path and a stunning crucified Lord for the cross and tomb.


(I have stuck the finished pieces on to show you what they look like… they wouldn’t all be on at the beginning of Holy week… and please excuse the poor quality of photo!)

6. We still have a bit more to do! Holy Monday will be the story of Jesus in the temple “You have made my father’s house into a den of thieves!”, Holy Tuesday will be the annointing of Jesus’ feet with oil, and Holy Wednesday will be Judas and his bag of coins. Our beautiful Jesus will be transfered up the days onto velcro strips and will sit behind the table on Holy Thursday. On Good Friday we will put the crucified Jesus on the cross that Master Luke so lovingly created! Then after the service on Friday we will place him in the tomb…

7. Sunshine came up with a beautiful climax to our Holy Week path… in her words…

“On Easter morning we will go to the tomb… BUT the stone will be open and Jesus will be gone! We will say… where have you taken our Lord?!?!  AND THEN…. he will pop out over the top of the tomb!!! He will be RISEN!!!!”

So in my words :)… we will remove Jesus on Holy Saturday night and place the other Jesus behind the top of the tomb with a sign saying “Christ has Risen! Alleluia!”

All in all a very busy day of preparation and children who are now VERY excited about next week!

I am sure we will come up with more ideas (including a Christian Seder Meal!!) but we will keep you posted 🙂

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Lighting our fire for the first time and reading our morning bible story on a rug in front of it!!! 🙂

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Keeping my cool with Sunshine as she chose to have an ignore mummy day… we are getting there 🙂 but this will continue to be a battle as she is a daydreamer and very rarely one to move fast!

How do you deal with daydreamers?





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