“Patience is a virtue, Virtue is a grace and Grace is a little girl who didn’t wash her face”

QUOTE OF THE DAY: When being hassled by big brother about how she said milk… Curly Sue “I CAN’T say moollk but I CAN say millenium falcon!”

RESOURCE OF THE DAY: A watch!! (see yesterday’s post) Ā I might be a little behind the times… BUT what a difference to my day! šŸ™‚ I do believe I am part mule when it comes to some things. Now to find a smaller, more comfortable one šŸ™‚



“Hurry up or we will be late!”

“I am getting really cross! I have every right to get cross with you!!”

“NO! I have told you how many times?”

Ā “Why aren’t you ready?!?!?! We need to go!!”

etc. etc. etc.

Have you said any of these?

I sure have and could probably think of plenty more…

As I ponder and mull, pray and reflect on my role and vocation as Mother, I find myself looking more at my behaviour than my children’s. I find all paths of thought leading back to a crux which is ME…

Hence today I thought I would share some of these insights. They are just my ponderings and very much the beginnings of thoughts… BUT I felt that they should be shared…. so bear with me šŸ™‚

My children are wonderful creatures! Creative, imaginative, smart, energetic, talkative, enthusiastic, intense, emotional, joyful and generally speaking… well behaved. But being around them all the time can be exhausting and at times down right hard. I find myself displaying all the hideous faces of Harry Potter like horrors… impatience, anger, frustration, emotional blackmail, indifference, and the list goes on. What makes these Ogre like qualities even more repulsive, is that I excuse them so often as justified behaviours…

For example… I am rounding up the troup to go out the door, time is precious and THEN… someone can’t find their shoes. We go on a frantic shoe hunt… under beds, behind doors, under couches, room after room…. we ask St Anthony to help us but he can’t as my heart is closed due to frustration. The kids are feeling pressured and I am starting to loose my cool… “Where did you put them?”….”Why can’t you remember?”…. “You should have put them on the shoe rack!!”….”Now we are running late and it is your fault….”…. ALARM BELL!!! ALARM BELL!!

“… it is your fault….”

This is where that great and glorious but VERY painful light of God’s love comes glaring into my heart!

Who’s fault was it? Maybe a Mummy who doesn’t put her shoes away and doesn’t lead by example? Maybe a Mummy who lost track of time and started getting everyone ready too late? Maybe a mummy who should not loose her cool but stay calm and collected and turn to God in times of crisis?

Today with these things on my heart I have gone about humbled, aware of my weaknesses and leaning VERY heavily on the grace of God. Now I have certainly had a few ugly moments… but there has been a transformation, an ever so slight change for the better…and surprise surprise… happier kids šŸ™‚

I pray that God may put a guard on my tongue so that my words are gentle…

I pray that God may give me wisdom so that my actions bear good fruit…

And I pray that God may forgive me for the times I fail and grant me the grace to get up, brush it off and try again!

If this rings a bell for you or you have any wisdom to share please feel free to leave a comment šŸ™‚





    1. something called afternoon tea time :)… when we have finished our work for the day and the children are busy playing or reading, I grab a drink and sit down at the computer :). It’s mummy’s time and they have been really generous at giving me my 30mins šŸ™‚ ( I compose in my head during the day and thank God for good typing teachers a long time ago who taught me to speed type!)
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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