“I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!”

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Curly Sue eating her piece of cheese this morning “It’s a mummy piece of cheese (big)….it has boobs…giggle giggle…” Mummy says…”Oh! Does it?”…..Curly Sue “Noooo… you can’t see dem…. they are pop up boobs…. GIGGLE GIGGLE!” Sometimes I wonder how the kids see me 🙂


Considering God’s Creation – A creative biblical approach to natural science

by Mortimer and Smith (Eagle’s Wings)


When we started out last year I had the great fortune of borrowing a large number of resources from a wonderful family. This science curriculum was just one of the fantastic resources I sunk my teeth into!

I have to admit I am a great fan of reproducibles. Yes, I love creating my own worksheets, but the time involved, especially with 3 under 5, is sometimes not there! This curriculum has a WONDERFUL book of reproducible science worksheets on subjects ranging from the Solar System to Human Anatomy. It’s adaptability for preschool age children up to your 10-12yr olds makes it a stand out resource in our home. We use it to make lapbooks, projects, posters and anything else in between. While my 2yr old colours in the illustrations in crayon and my 4yr old practices his cutting and pasting, my 7yr old learns the more meatier science facts… all in together this frosty weather! The teachers manual is a good read in itself and gives you very clearly structured lesson plans if that’s your thing and plenty of extra links and suggestions.

Last thing… it has beautiful scripture references to God’s creation in each chapter 🙂 Can’t fault that!

We were blessed enough to pick up our copy at a curriculum fair second hand but check out…


http://www.christianbook.com › Homeschool › Science


Watching Sunshine add, subtract, multiply and divide like it was second nature! We truly can do ALL things through Christ…. because I am not a whizz at maths or a maths teacher… but I am a Mum… and God is blessing my instincts 🙂


Do you keep track of time?

Do you own a watch?

My answer to those two questions…. No!

Am I always late?…. No 🙂 … sometimes I am, but that’s usually for reasons outside of time keeping! (eg. dirty naps)

Well I have been trying to schedule my days in an attempt to bring order and peace (see post “Mission Impossible?”)   to our home and life. So far there has been much more peace and overall JOY in our house… but order? structure? sticking to schedule? Something is amiss…

Thanks to one of those “morning shower revelations”, I think the problem is… I don’t wear a watch 🙂 (cue the “I have been trying to tell you that for years!” from hubby)

I don’t like wearing things on my wrists or fingers (except my wedding rings) and have rebelled against wearing a watch for sometime. Time keeping has not been impossible, as I have my cellphone, the oven, the microwave, the lovely wooden clock (which is no longer on the wall due to its desire to constantly fly off and wallop me with every tremor of the earth), and the clock in the car. BUT there is something to be said about seeing the time regularly and being able to say “only 5 more minutes on that worksheet”… or know that dinner really must be started in 10minutes (like right now!! :))

Today I am wearing a rather large sports watch and I am disliking it very much… BUT I have had a much better grasp of my schedule and I can see the fruit already! (“Bother!” she says)

Plan of attack… find a smaller less obtrusive watch and offer up the inconvenience for the PEACE and ORDER of my home! 🙂 A small thing I know… but for me a lesson that must be learnt 🙂

Are you a white rabbit? 🙂




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