Call me old fashioned…

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Watch the way you talk to your brothers and sister!” = Mummy to “Sunshine” x100 today… then on reflection… maybe I should be the one being more careful to speak in loving tones no matter the situation… my example is simply being copied! Lord help me guard my tongue!

RESOURCE OF THE DAY: Faith and Freedom Readers 

I must firstly say a big thank you to a beautiful, faithful mum of six who put me onto these treasures! I will be forever grateful! xxx

First published in the 1940’s and 50’s by Ginn and Company, this series of readers from American K-Grade 8 have been republished for Seton Home School. I was at a bit of a loss when we started out last year. There were so many resources to look at, to choose, to buy…

The readers that “Sunshine” bought home from school with her were hit and miss. Some days they were the great stories from Joy Cowley, Margaret Mahy etc. but other times the messages and themes were entirely wrong and inappropriate. When my friend showed me these VERY old fashioned readers I had a giggle at the illustrations and depictions especially the mothers in their frocks and aprons. BUT they were also beautiful illustrations and reminded me of the old Golden Book prayer books we had when I was a child. What makes these so priceless is that they not only progress in a clear and gentle way through the levels, but the stories are wholesome, inspiring, gentle, encouraging and a fantastic resource for formation in the faith. My children adore the stories and settle around me like a brood of chicks when “Sunshine” does her reading. “Luke” just can’t wait to be able to read them himself 🙂

If you are looking for continuity and good solid family values in a reading programme… these can not be beaten!! I am looking forward to moving through the levels and being inspired myself!

Find them at under Faith and Freedom Readers 🙂





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