I am women, hear me pray!

I have been inspired and blessed tonight by a beautiful group of women!

As we shared tonight about prayer and setting time aside to spend with God, conversation once again turned to birth and labour. We all had a chuckle as try as we might conversation so often leads to that particular topic.

The truth is… birth is a rite of passage, an unbelievable experience however you go through it, that changes the women you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For 9 months you carry within you a new, completely unique and wonderful human being with the potential to do an infinite number of beautiful things! You are a tabernacle of life…. radiating the love of a Creator God who has allowed you to take part in his creation!!

Birth involves suffering! They come hand and hand…. suffering and new life…….. just look at nature! Look at the hard times in your life and the fruit that those times bore when you emerged from the ashes!

When I was preparing for labour with my fourth child I decided that I would take on the suffering head on! I knew the kind of pain…. I knew I could get through it…. I knew that at the other end I would hold in my arms a precious gift beyond compare. But this time I would PRAY…. not Roar! I would take each contraction and offer it up as a prayer for someone or something… I wanted to make my suffering a prayer.

Well… it still hurt đŸ™‚ and I still had moments but I prayed through each contraction as if my life depended on it! What I didn’t expect was the grace I felt flooding my soul when my big “Fuzz” was born! It almost felt sacramental…. like I had been to confession! My heart felt so united to God and I felt such peace and joy….

God has made us women for a purpose! For those to be blessed with children, He gave you the strength, courage and wisdom to embrace birth and be transformed yourself! You not only give birth to a baby but your soul can itself be renewed and given life through uniting yourself to the suffering of the cross.

Anyway :)…. I was inspired tonight! Thank you to my lovely prayer group and your generous hearts! Thank you to all women who choose life and choose to suffer so that God may continue to bring life into our world!

Let our prayer be for LIFE for LOVE and for courage!





  1. Wow! With God’s grace, our Blessed Mother’s guidance and inspiration from my dear cousin I only came to know this & pray during labour with my sixth child. I must say it was the most intense, physically painful yet beautiful with a sense of peace… Rosary I had ever prayed☺

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