St Patrick the stubborn :)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “look mummy even the grass is green today, and the trees, and the weeds!!! God gave us the perfect house for St Patricks day!!” = “Sunshine”

RESOURCE OF THE DAY: St Patrick’s day!!

After a successful St Patrick’s day last year in our house, the children have been looking forward to celebrating this great Saint today. They emerged this morning dressed in what ever green (or close to green) clothes they owned and were quickly onto my case while writing the shopping list.. “don’t forget green food ok mummy!!”

So what have we done this year to celebrate….

Once Upon a Time Saints – Around the Year by Ethel Pochocki is a fantastic collection of saints stories ordered by feast days. Ethel has a beautiful, fairytale style of telling these inspiring stories which captivate the young listeners and in turn make narration much easier for them. We read the story of St Patrick and were told of pirate raids, lonely hills of Ireland, shipwrecks, wild pigs, inspired dreams and an Easter fire that refused to be extinguished. When I asked the children to narrate the story back to me I was informed that St Patrick was stubborn πŸ™‚ and brave. I thought these named qualities would have made the Saint himself smile :).

This is an excellent book which can only inspire children to love and serve Jesus more! We purchased ours through Seton home study school ( They have a great online resource catalogue and store.


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Our St Patrick’s Day Lunch!

We have a day of birthday celebrations to attend today so lunch was our designated St Patrick’s meal.

Our menu:

  • Gluten free macaroni pasta with bacon and basil pesto sauce (Green Pasta!)
  • A rainbow made from red grapes, orange slices, banana and avocado slices (blueberries were just too pricey! πŸ™‚ )
  • Calamansi and Lime juice (“Sunshine” and “Luke” were dissapointed that this wasn’t green but then last year the kiwi fruit juice got sipped and then politely refused πŸ™‚ )


What was more precious than the food, was the conversation that took place! We talked about how the macaroni looked like little rainbows and how the rainbow for Christians is a sign of Hope… a covenant given by God to Noah…. NOT a good luck symbol or the path to gold :). The children were quick to think of how St Patrick brought hope to the people of Ireland through the Good News of the Gospel. “Sunshine” also informed us about the image of the Trinity in the shamrock… nice to see she remembers things after a year :). So all together a VERY enjoyable and spirit filled lunchtime, once again proving to me that simple is best!

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: I have been trying to wake at 5:30am to have a prayer time. Call me crazy BUT it is the only quiet time in our house and if I am to even succeed a little in the virtues during my day, I MUST have time with God first! Today however everyone seemed to have the idea that 5:30am was wake up time… little ones calling out, baby stirring, toliet trips, cuddles required…. I felt like MY time had been unfairly swiped from my grip. After huffing and grumping around, I confess I stood in the shower and repented! Who was I to hold onto something that was a gift and respond by shirking my first commitment to love? The biggest prayer I could pray this morning was to LOVE my children and see to their needs without bearing a grudge. I felt chastised and sober after my shower and after mummy repenting, family praying for her and rounds of cuddles our day has continued MUCH BETTER! πŸ™‚

MUMMY THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Remember to “DO EVERYTHING IN LOVE!” 1 Corinthians 16:14


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