The power of praise!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: (sung) “Thank you Lord for red lights. Thank you Lord for red lights. Thank you Lord for red lights right where we’re driving!” = “Sunshine”


Convolvulus, stinging nettles and radishes…

Yes, I did just list the three things above as a resource! We are being a family of praise and today I praise God for Convolvulus, Stinging nettles and Radishes, for without them we would not have had the lesson we had yesterday and today.

Our new vege garden looked promising until the hidden, well seeded convolvulus and stinging nettles reared their ugly heads, striking terror into my very new “green fingeredness”. Having little ones constantly at my feet meant that we were too late to salvage anything grown from seed except the radishes. Now radishes might be palatable for some, but not for the delicate taste buds of my tribe. This therefore posed a problem… I was not about to waste our preciouse salvaged veges…. AHHH…. Radish roses!

Jumping onto the all knowing can do You Tube we saw really great ones and not so great. (“luke” was the biggest critic). We followed the instructions below and VOILA… Radish roses 🙂

1. Cut around the radish in circular slices not cutting right through. Cut from base, gradually working up to the centre.

2. Place cut radishes in a bowl of ice water and place in fridge overnight

3. Use radish roses as a salad garnish or as “curly sue” did, babies to play with 🙂


This experience of weeds in the garden strangling new growth also sounded quite familiar :). The children were really quick to make the connection with Jesus’ parable of The Sower. While making the radish roses we had a great discussion on what things in our lives and hearts are like convolvulus and stinging nettle…. out of the mouths of babes ah! So I thank God for the weeds in our garden that provided us with so many learning opportunities!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Once again continuing to network with the home schooling community in our city and meeting such inspiring families…. AND after a stressful session of phonecalls, getting my hands into a bowl of scone dough with my 2 year old making a glorious, floury mess! 🙂


CHALLENGE OF THE DAY & MUMMY THOUGHT: Remembering to praise our Lord even when everything seemed to go wrong including, power companies getting mixed up, phone companies getting bills wrong, insurance companies dating documents wrong and road works starting outside our house meaning no car access for several weeks! So… I went outside and sang at the top of my voice amidst tears and putting rubbish bags in the bin…”Everything that has breath praise the Lord, everything that’s in me praise the Lord. I’m gonna praise him on the highest mountain, praise him in the lowest valley, everything that’s in me PRAISE THE LORD!”….. still got a lot of praising to do….




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