Away with the fairies…

QUOTE OF THE DAY: While weeding the vege patch today we uncovered quite an array of spiders… “Luke” hovering like a nervous bumble bee at my side suddenly exclaims “Praise the Lord for spiders! I think they like the garden”. We have been talking about thanking God for even the things we find hard… nice to see it sinking in 🙂


The Flower Fairies by Cicely M. Barker

These beautiful illustrations of fairies and their nature counterparts are some of my all time favourite! What makes these even more special are the poems that Cicely wrote to go along with them. They range from whimsical thoughts to educational facts… just perfect for teaching a child like “Sunshine” to love the plants, flowers and trees around her.

As it is Autumn we have been reading about the fairies of the beechnuts, horse chestnuts, sycamore seeds, acorns etc. Cicely’s exquisite drawings capture the detail and colour of these seasonal changes so accurately! I have photocopied the images and poems and put them into “Sunshine’s” project book. During one of our weekly excursions to our cities Botanical Gardens, we took our book along to go hunting for fairies :). I must say I was quite pleasantly surprised to find these illustrations to be as useful as a botanical catalogue! Even “Curly Sue” (2yrs) was able to find and recognise a beechnut just from the photocopy.

The Flower Fairies have been published and used in many different formats but if you are a lover of nature and beauty and desire for your children (both girls and boys!) to catch that love too… I recommend looking out for the complete works in hard back.


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: After sitting down and doing some observational drawing of our found beechnuts today, I asked “Sunshine” if she would like to write her own Flower Fairy poem. The look of concern crossed her face as the thought of actually putting her pen to paper and composing sent old shock waves of anxiety through her wee mind. “Sunshine” is an excellent writer and composer…. but in her head. A mixture of left over school pressures and “Sunshine” quirks have made writing a battle zone. Therefore we are currently holding out the white flag and she is sticking to narration :). When I smiled my white flag smile she relaxed and agreed!! This is the result… for those of you who know the Flower Fairy poetry you will hear the language that has been absorbed!

The Velvet Beechnut by “Sunshine”

Beechnut, beechnut, velvet inside

Oh the beauty of your soft silken inside

But your outside is a shield to the nut within

It is spikey and prickly like Daddy’s beard

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: *Sigh* … the simple challenge of trying to run a household and teach my children when one little “Fuzz” (10mnths) is sick with a cold. I have had to keep reigning in my inner impatient dragon and dosing it with the water of “LOVE IS A DECISION!”… not always completely successful but an over zealous attack of the weeds in my vegetable garden while babes slept helped as well.

MUMMY THOUGHT OF THE DAY: “There is no encounter in which we do not encounter him (Jesus); no solitude in which he does not join us; no silence where his voice is not heard deepening, rather than troubling, that silence.” Francois Mauriac


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