So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye…

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Due to a power outage on our street this morning at 6am, I lit a whole lot of little tealight candles in a bowl and had them beside our family prayer candle on the kitchen table… “Luke” says… “Mummy it’s like an orchestra of candles and a big conductor!”


EXCEL BASIC SKILLS – Mental Maths Strategies…. this series of books by Alan Parker were quite the inspired find! “Sunshine” struggled with even the very basics when she started being home schooled and I, not being the most literate in numeracy kind of person, was at a loss where to start. Having looked at many different resources I stumbled across the Year 2 book in the series at our local book store on sale. I have not turned back!! In the Year 2 book, each double spread page covers a wide range of maths skills encouraging your child to get a general grasp on most concepts. What makes this series stand out is the VERY informative and clearly laid out teaching guide at the beginning and the emphasis it places on “Mental Maths Strategies”. These strategies have been the turning point for “Sunshine”. They have made numbers applicable, concrete and manipulable to her. I have a child who can now add double digits and subtract them, apply concepts of mass and volume, work out word problems for multiplication and division and generally get stuck into her maths as if it was and always had been her favourite subject!!! A great resource to supplement your maths programme or use, as I am, as your base for teaching!!


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Getting to know more and more families in the home schooling community in our city! Sharing about life and faith and watching our kids play together after Art Class just made my heart sing!!!!

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: “Sunshine” finds goodbyes SO hard!! (hence the title of this post) My beautiful girl invests herself completely in people and is deeply involved in play, work or just being with people unabashedly. Goodbyes therefore pose a daily challenge…. whether its leaving an event, someone’s house or putting her to bed. There is first the general “goodbye! see you again soon…. BYE….. I LOVE YOU…..SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!.…. I LOVE YOU.…. BYE…..mummy just one more hug…. can I just go say goodbye once more….. GOODBYE!!! SEE YOU!!! This would almost be comical if it wasn’t for the daily grind of dragging her away or getting her to sleep. I have yet to truly come up with a solution for this. We prep her before going places and before leaving… we hurry her through or give her all the time she needs… and most importantly… I PRAY!! 🙂 I have realised that for now I must show patience and understanding and be her advocate even when my first instinct is to be embarrassed. Will let you know how this continues 🙂

MUMMY THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “Every teaching of the divine commandments greatly emphasises that honest love may overcome a perverse love, and the delight in justice may destroy the desire for sin” St Leo the great




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