to structure or not to structure…

I have decided that to make this blog an achievable addition to my day I need to have a structure šŸ™‚ (says the unstructured person!)… So here goes!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Ā “Look mummy I am doing my MOST delicate work!” = “Sunshine” (7yrs) colouring in her St Gregory the Great page

RESOURCE OF THE DAY: Catholic Book of Knowledge Vol 2 printed in 1963 by Virtue & Company Ltd.

These 3 volumes are one of my prized treasures!! I was scouring the Anglican second hand book store when we started out home schooling last year and spotted these beautiful books with their titles shining out in gold letters :). They are not small and I, with large pregnant tummy, heaved all 3 volumes up to the counter and asked how much. The very lovely old lady looked at me strangely and excused herself out back where I heard fervent whispering and then the manager came out and said “Oh you can have them for 50c each”. I just about hugged them with joy! They on the other hand were quite happy to have them gone I think šŸ™‚ The volumes cover our history of faith from Ancient history through to the “modern church” of 1963. They are rich in biblical knowledge, historical facts, pictures, diagrams, saints stories, architecture, liturgy… just everything beautiful about our faith. They are very worth owning if you stumble across them. Today is the traditional feast of St Gregory the Great. As it was on our calender we decided to do a little research on him and Volume 2 provided us with a detailed account of this incredible man. I then found a lovely colouring page based on an icon of him which “Sunshine” coloured in with GREAT care :)… Oh and we listened to some gregorian chant. (the children took some convincing the voices were boys not girls :))


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Watching “Luke” (4yrs) sit and write his name and then his sisters as he realised he knew all the letters and what they looked like. The look of pride on his face with shining eyes and flushed cheeks was just beautiful! Being a boy he has not been so keen on drawing and pretend writing as his big sister was…. BUT something has clicked šŸ™‚ Now to encourage it!!!

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Maths has never been “Sunshines” strength but we have had great success with the series of books we have been working on over the last 6 months. Today however I saw the old “I can’t do it therefore I can’t be bothered” look come over her face. She then starts throwing guesses at me and fiddling… Now I am sure you have all felt this way at sometime when something is very straightfoward but your child won’t even try. I felt the frustration start to rear its head inside me BUT I remembered my prayer from this morning which was “Father please help me to stay calm!”… well he did! I took a deep breath and made a joke, then put some excitement into my voice and tried again. Just that simple action made all the difference and she went on to ace the rest of the questions and finish with a shining face!

MUMMY THOUGHT OF DAY: While looking into St Gregory the Great today I came across this quote…

“He who would climb to a lofty height must go by steps, not leaps.”

I think this is how I need to see my journey teaching “sunshine”. I can’t expect massive changes to happen quickly or in my time…. I must allow God to work through me and my husband to help her grow step by step. I know God has lofty plans for her as he does for all of us… patience is needed for sanctity!




What do you think?

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