Autumn is upon us!

Well I am pretty safe to say that Summer has been and gone. The weather really only gave it’s Summer dance routine a half hearted attempt…. BUT I do love Autumn for so many reasons! Our city is so very beautiful in Autumn with all the changing colours. The children love driving down “rainbow streets” which we do very slowly if the traffic allows… the added bonus of a skyroof on our people mover will be a great hit this year I am sure!


AND Autumn provides so much God given material for teaching!!

So far we have started looking at flowers and pollination. The fantastic set of books called “Considering God’s Creation” by Mortimer and Smith has really great reproducibles that even my four year old “Luke” got stuck into. I love this set which was reccommended to me by a very wise and lovely home schooling mum. The teaching manual gets right into the scientific answers but also includes scripture, further reading ideas etc. I read through the lessons and take out what is appropriate for my children as they are still young :). ANYWAY… they have cut and paste with that book, they have read “The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds” by Scholastic a dozen times and we have been blown away by You Tube clips on seed dispersal (BBC Private life of Plants). We have also read “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett and “Sunshine” has looked through her “Flower Fairies” by Cicely M. Barker book and found the fairies that belong to Autumn nuts, seeds, trees and flowers.

So that brings us up to where we are… now what are we going into this week! 🙂

This is my rough plan…. I say rough as my children, (especially 7yr old “Sunshine”) are tangent learners so one idea sometimes sparks onto further ideas etc. etc.

– “Sunshine” has cut and paste photocopies of the Flower fairies and their poems into her project book. We are going to go hunting (weather permitting) for the nuts, seeds, trees etc. that these fairies represent. We will observe them and their surroundings, collect, draw and study under a magnifying glass. We might then compose our own poems about them.

– There are some really great Autumn ideas on PINTEREST which I have put on my pin boards. One includes making wax copies of the leaves you collect which looks like a fun activity. Check out my Pinterest boards to see what I am talking about….

– Autumn ties nicely in with Lent (which is the liturgical season leading up to Easter) in so many ways! This week we might look at how we can plant seeds of joy in peoples hearts by our actions. The children can think of one way they can do that in particular this week and we might write some prayers or songs about Jesus and new life.

– We will (once again weather permitting!) join our Charlotte Mason Mother Culture group at the Bontanical Gardens for more nature exploring and the children will bring paper to do rubbings and the camera to take pictures of the season changes.

A few things to do this week along with our usual reading, maths and other activities! Life is certainly not boring in our house :). One thing though on a mummy note… I need to lean more heavily on Our Lord! I have floundered today and allowed my weaknesses to weigh me down. So I am off to bed now for a good sleep (God willing!) and I will try and rise with joy and thanksgiving in my heart at 5:30am to offer my day to Him!! I have to be positive 🙂


Ruth xxx



  1. Wow Ruth, you are inspiring! My little one is only 3 months but these ideas really get you thinking. Thanks for sharing! Bless you in your important work. I look forward to reading more!


    1. thanks Monique 🙂 motherhood is such an adventure from even before birth! enjoy the precious moments with your little one… kiss their toes every hour, sing them songs, just hang in bed with them reading stories…. enjoy the slow pace that comes with one baby :). I treasure those moments I had with “Sunshine” like precious jewels! They taught me so much about how to love!

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